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Skilled Trades

man holding the wood frame

When you are undertaking any construction project, it is never just as simple as finding a general construction team. There are numerous key aspects of any construction task, many of which require high levels of skill and training. So, when you come to an element that your team is unable to provide, you are going to need to access a local, talented individual with the relevant skills. And, at Trades Construction Staffing, we can help you do exactly that. With thousands of workers across the country looking for companies like yours in our system, we can connect you to a highly-skilled individual in your area. You can find the skills that you need and they will be glad to work alongside you. So, get in contact with us and start finding skilled tradesmen to come and help out your team.


Electrical work is a big part of any modern construction and when you assume responsibility for it on your construction task, you want to make sure that you are providing your usual high standards. So, it only makes sense to find a skilled individual that is going to be highly motivated to work alongside your team. When you come to us, that is just what we will find for you. We’ll organize for an experienced and capable tradesman in your area to come and offer their excellent support to you.

Plumbers and Gas Engineers

The same can be said for plumbing and gas work, two things that you don’t want to be getting wrong. You and your clients require top-quality and reliable installations, so, you are no doubt going to want the very best. All of our registered plumbers and gas engineers have each passed our high qualification standards and have proved to us and many other clients just how good their work really is. They’ll be a welcome addition to any team and we can assure you that they’ll be pleased to help you out.


Carpentry is a highly esteemed skill and one, which is getting harder and harder to find. But one place where you can be sure that you are going to find highly competent woodworkers is through us. At Trades Construction Staffing, have partnered many talented carpenters across the country, each of which is always keen to show off and deliver their skills. So, make sure that you are working with a true professional and represent your construction team best, by working with one of our staffers.

Bricklayers and Masonry Workers

Brickwork and masonry work both require precision, technique, and ability. These things are common standards for our registered partners and so, we’ll no doubt be able to provide you with the accomplished workers that you need. Bricks and masonry materials are always used to create aesthetic features and some of the most complex construction work. So, do the wise thing and trust in real expertise by choosing to work with one of our skilled tradesmen.

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