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About Us

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Serving the entire United States, we are the number one provider of expert construction staff across all fifty states. Our name is Trades Construction Staffing and we are trusted by countless companies every day when they are running low on skill and manpower. We work closely alongside independent construction workers and small firms to bring each one fulfilling work with companies like yours. And, in turn, we provide you with the expertise and capabilities that you need to start achieving more with your business. Our aim is to create beneficial employment situations that help out both our clients and our registered staff, organizing and building partnerships that can continue to benefit both parties for the long term.

We hope to be the leading provider of construction workers in every pocket of the country, continuing to find and reward committed independent tradesmen. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards, as this is all we ever want to bring to our clients. That is why we are trusted by so many construction teams in the United States and why more and more people are deciding to choose this method, every day. And, whenever you decide that our workers are going to be able to help you, you can expect just the same. We’ll find you the perfect partners and make sure that they are bringing you their very best so that you can start setting your business goals higher than ever before.

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